Libarary and Laboratory

The Libraries

The College has one big standardized library which can accommodate a minimum of 150 students at once. The library has up-to-date and sufficient reference books including both printed and copied books. There are also magazines, newspapers and Journals. Although there are a number of books in the library, most of them are not recent and up to date so that the College plans to purchase recent books and apply e- books.

The College used a catalog system that gives out all the required information about a book in the library. In addition, there are four desktop computers that are used by students to access digital books. A student is allowed to use the computer for only 30 minutes at a time. The library is run by two libraries and it is open in normal working hours. In addition, the library opens each day of the whole week from Monday to Sunday. The library also gives service the entire morning and afternoon whole week and evening service up to 2:00 pm local time.

Our Neat and resoursefull libarary
Our Neat and resoursefull libarary

ICT Lab Room

The College has three standardized computer lab room, two for TVET and one for Degree program. These computer rooms each furnished with a minimum of 30 desktop computers. This computer lab is networked with broad band internet access .The computer lab is run by two ICT assistance and it is open in normal working hours.