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Core values

Core values

  • Excellence: Outstanding quality is the hallmark of our work.
  • Students’ First: They are our primary clients.
  • Accountability: We are each responsible for our overall output.
  • Diversity: Each individual brings value to our efforts and results.
  • Integrity: Our principles and standards are never compromised.
  • Transparency: Rules, regulations and decision makings at all levels to be transparent.
  • Equality: Equal opportunity for all employees and students.

Highland College


Quality Education is high in Highland!


HLC envisions becoming one of the top ten Universities in Ethiopia by the year 2030.


  • Provide quality education training supported by the state-of-the-art facilities in response to the labor market.
  • Produce competent and ethical professionals equipped with the necessary skills and attitude to the business world.
  • Promote demand driven research through partnership with active engagement of students and disseminate findings to end user.

Enhance linkages with regional, national and international organizations to advance science and technology transfer in the region and country

Department/Occupation & mode of delivery

Highland college is one of the private Higher Education Institutions that prevail in Ethiopia. Particularly, it is operating in West Gojjam zone (Bahir-Dar & injibara).  It is making available standardized education & training in diverse levels, departments as well as mode of delivery as clearly portrayed infra:

TVET program

No Department/Occupation Level Mode of delivery Campus
Regular Extension Summer Distance Bahir-Dar Ingibara
1 Data Base administration 4 ü ü     ü ü
2 Accounting & budget service 4 ü ü     ü ü
3 Road Civil work 2 ü ü     ü  
4 Accounting & budget service 3 ü ü     ü ü
5 Secretarial technology 4 ü ü        
6 Land Administration 4 ü ü     ü ü


Degree Program

No Department/Occupation Level Mode of delivery Campus
Regular Extension Summer Distance Bahir-Dar Ingibara
1 Accounting & Finance Degree ü ü   ü ü ü
2 Management Degree ü ü   ü ü ü


We are  also interested to notify you that our college is in the pipe line to open other market oriented departments in the not distant future


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ምዝገባ ላይ ነን ፡፡ ይምጡና ይመዝገቡ፡፡

Registration is the process by which you agree to the college current regulations. It is a requirement for both new and returning students to complete registration at the start of your studies in each academic year.

welcome  to highland  college


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Wellcome to Highland College

Currently, the College has two campuses, one main campus in Bahir Dar and its branch campus is at Enjibara. The College has also upgrading its training and offers Degree and TVET programs in various fields of study in regular, extension and distance divisions.

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